Our Ethos

It all comes from farmers we know and trust. Sustainably sourced, cooked from scratch, no skipped steps.

It’s simple really, if it’s good for the planet, it’s probably good for you. We're not here to preach but only to help you make good decisions easily.

It's food for life.

Expect better

At The Salad Project, we strive to improve everyone's experience be it as a customer, a supplier or a member of our team. It's about delivering real quality in the food, the service and the entire journey with us.

It's expecting better.

Built for change

We choose to foster an environment in which innovation and creativity are encouraged. Whether in the design of our menu or in the application of technology, we're always challenging ourselves to improve.

It's built for change.

It's what we do

This is a place where people enjoy coming to work. A team who shares a passion and dedication for our communal goals. Just like our customers, the aim is to make our team members feel part of the project and its culture.

It's what we do.

Expect better

Food | Journey | Service

Food for life

Sourcing | Wastage | Seasonality

Built for change

Innovation | Technology | Creativity

It's what we do

Teamwork | Culture | Passion

Relate to all of this? Apply to join The Project!

There's nothing we enjoy more than expanding our team with people who see eye to eye. It really makes work a happy place.

We often joke that S A L A D coincidentally stands for "starting a life altering dream". It certainly has been for us, and could be for you too.

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Just because we take time sourcing your food, doesn't mean
you have to.

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